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Happy Feet


    I just put my feet in the air..... Click on the image to read the rest of the story



The Pains of MS and Midlife


   Nothing is more challenging to me than to wake up in the morning with a new pain related to the MS I have had since being diagnosed in 1997. This new challenge could be temporary or it can live on for days. I am now in my mid 50’s and also have become aware of the ‘Normal’ changes that ones body goes through at this age. I think this is an unfair ‘double whammy’.



   Let me start with balance. I am not in a wheelchair or use a cane but sometimes I feel that is where I should be. When I am in my own home I know where everything is so I am in control. Out in public this is a different story. I need to keep turning my head to watch where I am stepping and the movement of my head going up and down and side to side puts a spin into my walking.

   Using stairs is another obstacle in my life. I know now that in my 50’s I will never take two steps at a time, unless I fall down them. I recently had the pleasure of doing this stunt and received many bumps and bruises. BUT I AM OK! My feet feel like cement blocks with buzzing and tingling in my legs. I definitely have to keep my hands on the railings for balance as I slowly lift those cement blocks up or down each stair. I am by no means a fast stair climber or a stair descender.

   My life is now a lot of Throbbing, Burning Shooting Pain. Is it MS or just plain Midlife? 


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Diagnosis MS

   I was dx with MS in 1997. I was 42, and married for 20 yrs. Our daughter was 16 and twin boys who were 11. 1996 - 2001 were the worst times with MS. Trying to raise the kids, take care of a home, and work part time and manage an illness that did not have a name yet was very difficult.After the diagnosis in 1997 I was still in denial. How could this be? I am healthy and an active mom. Back then they waited before being put on Rx therapy. Well in Jan. 2001 I had the mother of all exacerbations (for me). My hearing, eyesight, and balance took a big hit. I have never recovered fully from this episode. But life goes on and now I have been on Avonex for 11 yrs. I am no longer in denial and have accepted who I am along with my close friend MS. I started my website to share my story of How To Live Beyond the Diagnosis of MS with others. Yes MS has taken away from me but it has also given to me. I am much closer to God now and realize that I could not be The Supermom. I have slowed down and learned to appreciate each new day.

  There is one thing I am fearful of and that is my daughter is expecting our first grandchild and I won't be able to be a good grandma. I guess I will find out, right?

Raggedy Ann



   I can remember the days of cartwheels, summersaults, softball, and even doing the splits. Boy were my arms and legs toned. What ever happened to those awesome limbs of mine? When I was 31, I had twins boys. Carried them full term and had a NATURAL Birth. No C-section. (I have the left over skin to prove it. How am I suppose to get rid of it? Tummy Tuck? Can't afford it. It's been 25 yrs. anyway.) Oh well my arms were strong enough to carry both of them around at the same time. {combined weight started at 13lbs.} They sure kept my arms toned. My legs weren't far behind since I had to use stairs to and from bedrooms and the laundry in the basement.

   Fast forward to 50 Plus. I like to go walking outside with my Westie, but in the winter I don't need to fall from slipping on the snow so I use the treadmill. It has handles so I thought maybe I could try a light jog while still holding on to the handles. WRONG! My MS legs wouldn't let me jog. So is it my MS or is it because I am 50 Something? Who knows.

   Recently I was doing some Fall (love those darn colorful leaves) raking which required alot of arm and leg work. Well after an hour of this wonderful exercise my body literally turned into Raggedy Ann. My legs were wobbley and my arms were just hanging.  Raggedy Andy just kept on raking and I had an excuse to stop: Make Dinner:)




     I remember being in my 40's and family members receiving their first AARP newsletter with a membership card. They would get upset and toss it aside. What do these letters AARP stand for? American Association of Retired Persons. I would snikker and think to myself that I would never get that membership card. I would never request one.

   Well when I turned 50 the AARP people new where to find me. They didn't even wait till I had my birthday before they sent me my membership card. That sure was an unwanted birthday card. It sure is funny how before I was 50 I didn't mind telling my age, but now I say, age is only a number.

   I was diagnosed with MS when I was 42. My children were already pre-teens and a teenager. There were lots of school and sports activities to keep me going. Yes, I did get tired out, but rested in the car when I could. I was still young and thought I could burn the candle at both ends.