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Full Of Hot Air

Posted by Beverly on June 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM


   We recently had the opportunity to view the launching of Hot Air Balloons.


   What team work it takes to get these Hot Air Balloons off the ground. And most important are the gentle breezes that lets them float through the skies into the horizon.


   I was reflecting on this experience, and tho I would never (never say never) would hop into the basket of one of these Hot Air Balloons, it got me to thinking how we could imagine ourselves placing into these baskets our anger and pain we deal with on a daily basis from our chronic illness of Multiple Sclerosis MS, or any illness we endure on a daily basis.


   I would place the fear of the unknown progression of Multiple Sclerosis in the basket and set it free! Each day I wake up to a new experience with my MS. I need to trust in the Lord for He knows what I can ultimately handle.

   This is your basket! What would place in the basket to be set free? Press the arrow to play video and watch it be prepared to be set free!

All of your comments are welcomed!

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